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Windsor is a small town with a population of just over 2200, abutting Augusta, Maine's capital.  It lies just to the east of Augusta, and is mainly a bedroom community for Augusta. Every Summer, at the end of August, people flock to the Windsor Fair. This is an agricultural fair, complete with livestock exhibits, a carnival midway, pari-mutuel trotting races, as well as exhibits of interest to local history buffs. The fairgrounds are used for other gatherings as well like the annual sleigh ride in February that is sponsored by the historical society.

Windsor, formerly called Malta, was the site of "The Malta War", which was an altercation between local settlers who moved into the area after the American Revolution and the "old proprietors", who were the generally wealthy men who had received their land by means of a royal grant, when the country was still a colony of Great Britain. After the revolution, the wealthy grantees sought to reaffirm their title to property, some of which was now occupied by settlers who had "squatted" on the land. The settlers, disguised as Indians, set upon hired surveyors and beat them on several occasions, resulting in the death of Paul Chadwick, a surveyor.

One of the most interesting features of Windsor is Hussey's General Store. Hussey's slogan is; "If we don't have it, you don't need it." To say that they sell everything from soup to nuts would be an understatement. The three floors of merchandise comprise everything from groceries and fresh meat to ball gowns and wedding dresses, hardware, paint, furniture, appliances, everyday clothing, tools, gardening supplies, guns, new and used, of all sorts, hunting and trapping supplies, as well as magazines, newspapers and books, and pots and pans. They claim to be the largest general store in Maine, and we believe it.

The nature of the town is rural in character. There are a few surviving farms, several large gravel pits (a rare and valuable commodity in Maine), and a seasonal smattering of campers, cottagers and hunters. Wildlife, the four footed variety, abound in Windsor. Fox, deer, coyote, moose, an occasional bear along with the usual smaller critters. Wild turkeys, the kind with feathers, have been prevalent in recent years, it is not uncommon to have to stop for a flock on the way to work in the morning.

Like most of the surrounding towns, the Windsor school runs through the eighth grade with high school age students having access to higher education at schools in the larger towns nearby. The tax rate in Windsor is $11.30 per thousand at 100% valuation for 2008/09. The town office is open Monday 9-5, Tuesday 11-8, Thursday 7-4, and Friday 9-3.  It is located at 530 Ridge Road next to the Post office and across from the fire station.  The transfer station is open Wednesday 3-8, Friday 1-6, and Saturday 9-4. It is located across from the fairgrounds.


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